Tarah has presented several workshops at both Merritt College & Chabot College to Early Childhood professionals and cross disciplinary faculty & staff. She is an amazing presenter! Her Participant evaluations are consistently outstanding. I highly recommend Start Dialog to any institution that is looking to 'start dialog' about difficult issues about diversity & equity. Dr. Stacy Thompson Vice President, Chabot College My organization holds regular trainings for social service providers in San Francisco to enhance their knowledge and skills in supporting families. Tarah has conducted one of our core trainings -- "Understanding Ourselves to Work in a Diverse Community" for 2 years. The reviews from participants have been outstanding. Her evaluation scores are some of the highest among all our trainings. Tarah is wonderful at engaging the audience through her energetic presentation and interactive learning activities. Homer Teng Organizer, San Francisco Family Support Network We have had Tarah present to our Child Development classes at the community college level on several occasions and the students responded to her with cheers. She makes the hard work of understanding diversity issues in education real to our students who are in a position to work with very diverse populations in their jobs. Jennifer Britta Early Childhood Instructor, Merritt College Tarah worked with the staff of my school to help us gain better clarity about equity issues when working with children, their parents and each other. She was transparent and straightforward and was super responsive to our needs. Through a half day workshop and two follow-up staff meetings, Tarah used case studies, group exercises and discussions that helped us develop language and strategies to increase our awareness and check our biases. Jim Benz Head, Peninsula School Tarah has been my mentor as a white anti-racist activist for over two years. She has consistently been present for me as I grapple with my own internalized racial problems, being both a supportive listener and a fierce advocate. She is an incredible model of courage and compassion. Highly recommend working with her one-on-one. Eric Coulliard Activist, Organizer It was a huge honor to have Tarah work with our faculty at The Pike School in Andover, Massachusetts. The approach she uses to work with individuals around topics of gender identification are simply...phenomenal. She gave participants tools and exercises they could use right away that would aid them in being more inclusive. She gave us vocabulary to expand our use of language around gender identity. Tarah skillfully used humor to help us move through challenging conversations about individual differences. 
Michael Eatman Director of Community Life, The Pike School I was so grateful to welcome Tarah to our South Burlington, VT, in-service day to hold a workshop for Grades 7-12 staff members. Tarah's skill set is substantial, and she finds that balance between directness and courage and compassion. We all valued Tarah's ability to enhance our learning around implicit bias and racism. Susie Merrick Healthy Schools Coordinator, South Burlington School District, VT I have hired Tarah numerous times over the past eight years or so to teach workshops and give presentations for my students on topics such as cultural humility, communicating across difference, and teaching for social justice. Tarah is incredibly skilled at leading groups in self-reflective work and dialogs that help us reveal our inner biases and strengths, and then to take those self-reflections out into the world to make positive change. Her assertion that "Anti-bias education is about deep knowing of self and other" is a powerful starting point for this work, one that both resonates deeply with students, and is also very challenging. Tarah leads us in living with the challenge, living within our "beginner's mind," so that we can be open to and agents of transformation. Michaela Daystar Director of Institute for Civic Leadership, Mills College Tarah gives her entire heart and soul into her work. She listens with an open heart, and proposes concrete solutions. She explains challenging concepts easily and creates effective 'brave' spaces. 
Tarah did an exceptional job of meeting our staff where they were at right from the beginning. The workshop was enjoyable, at times even funny, and when things got serious she handled them deftly and honestly. Chris Lauf Operations Director, Sienna Ranch My daughter's school, to my knowledge, has never hosted events geared at taking proactive steps to talk about and address issues regarding race and gender. So, you can imagine some of the hesitation. But I can guarantee to you that Tarah is the person to have at the helm if you are interested in bringing socially conscious training's and workshops to your school or business. Tarah met everyone right where they were and created a space were people could begin to unpack their life experiences around topics that are far too often tucked away in our hearts and minds. 
Constance Slider-Pierre Parent, The Renaissance International School Our school has been working with now for five years and she has always done an amazing job. She meets groups where they are in diversity and inclusion work. She values feedback and listen to the needs and challenges of a community. I could not ask for a better person to work with over the years. Maurice Willis Associate Director of Admissions, Crystal Springs Uplands School Tarah is a skilled and engaging facilitator who knows how help support workshop participants as they navigate through topics that can be uncomfortable and difficult to discuss. Nora Bullock Teacher, Academy of Alameda I know many great facilitators. I also know many people with deep and sophisticated understandings of racial justice. I know very few people who are great facilitators AND have deep and sophisticated understandings of racial justice. That is what makes Tarah Fleming’s work special and different. It’s why I never miss an opportunity to learn from her. Paul Gorski Associate Professor, Integrative Studies Coordinator, Social Justice and Human Rights Programs George Mason University Tarah modeled to me what an ally in action behaves like. Tarah catalyzed the courage in me to be an equity-warrior. David Clifford Co-Lead Catalyst + Founder, design school x I have had to pleasure to train early childhood educators with Tarah for 10 years. She combines passion, knowledge and skilled facilitation to create an experience for participants that is active, engaging and ultimately transformative. She is supporting educators to have the skills to fight for equity and justice for all children and families. Nadiyah Taylor Professor of Early Childhood Education Equity Educator, Ripple Effect Consulting I have been more than pleased with the expertise shared by Tarah Fleming to the staff, parents/guardians, and students at all of the various schools and organizations with which I have been associated (People of Color in independent Schools, Park Day School, Athenian School, St. Mary's College of California, Saint Ignatius College Preparatory, and Carondelet High School. Tarah has invited these various communities to deeply explore white privilege and all systems of oppression in our society in order to benefit students and families. I am grateful for the ten years in which she has been a partner, ally, colleague and friend in the enterprise to augment awareness, understanding, and solidarity. Dr. Lizette Ortega-Dolan, Ed.D Activist and Educator The Body Positive hired Tarah to improve our capacity to address how race and other intersecting identities impact people’s relationship to their own bodies. As both a consultant and a teacher Tarah is intelligent, prepared and ever so generous with her ideas and support. Of particular value was her analysis of the suffering related to white privilege. She helped us examine how white people can become mindful and awake to the ways that we deaden ourselves against knowledge about privilege so that we can choose to free ourselves to be more alive in our own bodies and better allies to those who are marginalized. This information is now integrated into the workshops and trainings we offer and the freedom and joy expressed by participants as they learn these new ways of thinking is wonderful. As a psychotherapist Tarah’s training helped me to see the ways that the suffering of white privilege is linked to the deadly perfectionism of my clients with eating disorders. I am grateful to share this new knowledge in support of their freedom and recovery. Elizabeth Scott, LCSW Director of Training, The Body Positive Tarah Fleming has been a diversity trainer for the San Francisco Family Support Network for over the last five years. She consistently delivers quality trainings on diversity and has excellent facilitation skills and activities that help participants navigate and explore personal bias, while providing strategies and introducing concepts that help participants understand themselves and their diverse world. Participants rate her highly each time and enjoy her trainings and teaching style. Dr. Martina Ayala, Ed.D.
Director of Training
San Francisco Family Support Network Tarah Fleming is both a creative circle keeper and bridge builder across the cultural identity spectrum, devoting her life to brave conversations most don't want to initially have, but who are empowered to recognize the need to face, and then take action. Wade Antonio Colwell “Artivist” and Educator Tarah Fleming has engaged the Early Childhood Care and Education community through Marin County Office of Education, using Four Key Anti-Bias Education GOALS for teachers and children. Using powerful tools and strategies she provokes thoughtful and intense reflections and conversations in all of the workshops she leads with coaches, site leadership and teaching staff. We are challenged and moved and grateful for her relentless pursuit of justice for all. Carol Barton ECE Project Coordinator Marin County Office of Education Tarah taught me the power of collective creativity as a tool for dismantling systems of oppression. Her attention to our team's needs and her awareness of power led us all to be better. Tarah's mentorship has prepared me to be a servant-leader and a challenging facilitator. With a courageous heart, she steps into conflict with a warm smile and an attentive ear. I value her as a trusted mentor and thought-partner. I highly recommend Tarah as a coach, trainer, and strategist. Jada Drew Lead Consultant & CEO Social Designs Consulting Our school's diversity, equity and inclusion committee was in need of a facilitator that could speak to racial affinity in a community that encompassed a range of experiences and levels of awareness. Tarah led an interactive activity for 380 community members, in addition to a breakout session for white identified students and faculty. Our community was so fortunate to have her courageous and authentic presentation. There is a sense of ease and directness that works well in the often-uncomfortable uncovering of bias, especially around race. Abram Jackson Humanities Instructor, The Bay School of San Francisco Tarah's brave, present, and compassionate leadership is truly unique in style and approach. Start Dialog comes prepared and ready to engage in necessary topics of race, power, privilege, and change. Her curriculum and activities are engaging, relevant, and place oneself inside a larger system. Tarah's work and energy is powerful, truthful, and crucial for our world! Mira Stern Teacher, Leadership High School Tarah came to work with our preschool & facilitate a family workshop about taking with kids about race & identity. She brings an approach that includes gender identity & other identities without shying away from important conversations about race. She had great family friendly materials & tailored the workshop to exactly what we needed & was easy to work with. She is a skillful & committed facilitator. Julie Roberts-Phung Activist, Parent

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