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• Tools for Dialog
• Examining Personal Biases
• Hearing One’s Story
• Scenario Practice for Inclusive Approaches
• Anti-Bias Education for Parents and Teachers
• Adapting Environments and Materials
• Racial Identity Development in Children
• Challenging Stereotypes
• The Wheel of Power and Privilege
• Race, Sex and Heterosexism
• Ally vs. Agent of Change
• Institutional vs. Interpersonal
• Internalized Oppression and Privilege
• Theater for Expression (Techniques from Theater of the Oppressed)
• Identity Circles and Pride in Self
• Model Agents of Change
• Inspiring Community and Allied Living

• Mixed Heritage and Multiracial Identity
• Transracial Adoption
Serving Biracial and Multiethnic Children and their Families (A film produced by
  Tarah Fleming)

“My People Are…” Youth Pride in Mixed Heritage (A film produced by Tarah Fleming)

• Experiencing Limited Language Ability
• Techniques to Ensure Success for Second Language Learners
• Creating Equitable Learning Environment for all Languages
• Identifying Cross Cultural Blindspots

• Establishing Rapport and Respect
• Infusing Interactivity and Engaging Participants
• Fielding Challenging Questions and Classroom Management
• Creating Welcoming and Energetic Classroom Environments

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