We create Dialog Opportunities specifically tailored

to meet the needs of each unique community.


Topics to choose from :


The New Challenge: Equity Literacy

  • Equality vs. Equity

  • Moving from “Diversity” to a Justice Framework

  • Examining Implicit & Explicit Bias

  • Present listening & Collective Responsibility


How to Talk to Children and Young People About Race and Identity

  •  Identifying Bias in Children’s Literature

  • 4 Goals of Anti-Bias Education

  • Adapting Environments, Materials and Approaches

  • Racial & Gender identity development


Examining the Current Culture of Power and Privilege

  • Facing & Embracing Power & Privilege

  • Allied Behavior, Witnessing & Being an Accomplice

  • The Privilege of Oblivion vs. The Tragedy of Colorblindness

  • Internalized Oppression & Privilege


Youth Voice, Vision & Leadership

  • Theater for Expression (From Theater of the Oppressed)

  •  Emerging Identity & Intersectionality

  • Adultism & Youth Allyship

  • Organizing & Sustaining Affinity Group Spaces


Check One or More: Mixed Heritage People and Families

  • Mixed Ancestry Identity Development

  • Transracial Adoption

  •  “My People Are…” Youth Pride in Mixed Heritage (Film & Guide)

  •  From the Lovings to the Obamas: Mixed Family Experiences


What if I’m White, Cisgender and Heterosexual? Privilege and Fierce Allyship

  • Understanding Race & Facing Racism

  •  Solidarity with Transgender & Non-Binary People

  • Heterosexism vs. Homophobia

  • Exploring Gender Spectrums


Multi-People Learning: Supporting all Languages, Cultures and Faiths

  • Establishing Rapport & Respect with English Language Learners

  • Creating Respectful & Welcoming Spaces for Newcomers

  • Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Undocumented: Immigrants Experiencing the USA

  • Myth of the Melting Pot


Organizational Vision & Values

  • Strategic Planning for Boards & Leadership Teams

  • Racial Justice, Equity & Inclusion as Organizational Values

  • Developing a Climate & Culture of Awareness & Respect

  • Practicing Dialog Principals & Restorative Practices


High Level Skills for Fantastic Facilitators

  • 10 Tips to Top Training

  • Training the Trainer

  • Fielding the Most Challenging Questions

  • Space, Pace & Keeping Groups Engaged & Inspired


 All Dialog Opportunities can be adapted to specific community needs, audience and budgets





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